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February 10, 2017 3 Comments

I rarely use lip liners, as I have tons of lipsticks and the thought of buying a matching liner for each one seems costly and daunting. However, I was very excited to receive two complimentary "The Lip Pencils" with matching mini "Amuse Bouche" lipsticks from Bite Beauty (via the Influenster voxbox) for testing purposes.


My box also contained a Sephora biodegradable pencil sharpener, which was perfectly timed, as my previous sharpener has become m.i.a recently.

The Amuse Bouche lipstick colours are “Honeydew”- a brown-based nude taupe and “Whiskey”- a deep red, mahogany shade. The closely matching lip pencils provided are #020 and #044 respectively (swatches further down!).


Brand Claims

It apparently took the beauty experts at Bite three years to create the lip pencil formula, so I’m expecting big things from these liners people! Bite claims that their lip pencils:

  • glide on ultra smooth
  • last all day, through eating and drinking
  • have a creamy, lightweight, hydrating formula
  • contain all natural ingredients, in case you get hungry!
  • are free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, phthalates.

Similarly, the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks claim to have a creamy, long-lasting finish. Pictured below are swatches of Whiskey and the 044 lip pencil (bottom, left) and the Honeycomb and 020 lip pencil (bottom right).


Application & First Impressions

My first all-day trial was using “Honeycomb” with the closely matching #020 lip pencil. The lip pencil was really easy to apply along the lip line and glided on smoothly without breaking. I also used the pencil to fill in my lips before applying the Honeycomb lipstick on top. The lip pencil on its own did feel dry on the lips, but provided great high-pigment coverage.

The Amuse Bouche lipstick has a creamy texture, which is matte but not too drying on the lips. I found the combination of lip pencil and lipstick to be more hydrating than expected, especially for matte formulas. The best part? My lips had way more volume and plumpness to them, which made me really reconsider my decision to not use a lip liner on a regular basis. The lip pencil gave me the definition I was missing and gave me a perfect, plump pout that seems to be all the rage these days.

The finish of the lip pencil and lipstick combo also gave my lips this dreamy soft glow, which was a nice departure from most matte finishes that can make lips look dull and dry.

I tried the “Whiskey” shade with matching lip pencil #044 a few days later. The lipstick shade is super dark (which I love) but didn’t really work on me. In terms of consistency, I found the lip pencil to be similar to the texture and coverage of the 020 shade discussed above. The Whiskey lipstick I found to be drier than the Honeycomb shade and wasn’t as creamy on the lips.


I eat breakfast at work and sip a coffee most of the morning. I had very little transfer of the product from my lips to my coffee cup and I still had great coverage on my lips by 3pm without having to reapply anything. Impressive!

My lips did feel more dry later in the afternoon than in the morning (I assume from the lipstick wearing away over time), but I guess we have to sacrifice something to get that long wear time!

Final Thoughts

These lip pencils have made me think twice about not using a lip liner. If you prefer to wear lip liner on its own, you may find the pencils to be on the dry side. I’d add a bit of gloss/balm on top to provide a bit of moisture.

Bite lip pencils come in 22 shades while the Amuse Bouche lipsticks come in 34 shades. They are a little pricey for me ($20 for the lip pencil and $30 for the full lipsticks). They can be purchased at Sephora as of…now!.

Bite beauty also has “lip labs” located in Toronto, New York, San Francisco and San Jose that will create custom or bespoke lipsticks for you. How thoughtful!


Have you tried anything from Bite Beauty?


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