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8 Things I’m Doing To Lose My Postpartum Weight…Again


  1. Working With A Dietitian I’ve talked about this before in my post 5 Weight Loss Tips That Work!. I struggled throughout my twenties trying to lose weight on my own before finding a great dietitian who helped me lose 23 pounds in 4 months. She taught me portion control, how to keep a…

5 Ways To Avoid Post-Halloween Weight Gain + A Free Fitness Treat!


1. Hide The Candy Very simple, right? Having a bowl of candy lying around is not really the best way to keep yourself away from it. Keep the candy bag out of sight and preferably somewhere you won’t easily come across it in your daily activities (so places like the kitchen, the bedroom and the…

How To Burn More Calories In Less Time


  How To Burn More Calories In Less Time As much as I love taking my brisk, steady, uphill strolls on the treadmill, having two young kids means I have less time to do everything I want to. How can I burn more calories in the same amount of time? By incorporating high intensity interval…

5 Things You Don’t Want To Hear When You’re Pregnant


1. “You Look Tired” I’m not sure when it’s ever acceptable to tell someone that they look tired; who the hell ever wants to hear that? You might as well say “you look like sh*t”, because isn’t that what you really mean? I got this comment a few times during my pregnancy, mainly during the…

9 Things No One Talks About After Having A Baby

· A few informative (and possibly terrifying) things you should know about delivery and postnatal recovery that I wish I knew before I had my daughter. ·


For most first time mothers, only a few things are more terrifying than the unknown of giving birth to a baby. Everyone has heard horror stories from their friends and family that do nothing but make our fears intensify, and a lot of what happens can be out of our control. Even worse? Not only…

What I’d Like To Do Differently With Baby #2

· Pregnancy tips for moms-to-be. ·


  1. I’m Not Eating For Two This age-old saying is how many pregnant mothers justify inhaling everything in sight (my husband also believes he’s eating for two to support me). It’s important to remember that you only need about 300 additional calories in the first trimester of pregnancy, and slightly more with each trimester. Baby…

How To Lose Weight With PCOS

· Find out the 6 essential factors for PCOS weight loss. ·


My PCOS weight gain began in my early twenties (about 40 pounds of weight gain, to be exact). I didn’t fully understand why I gained all that weight until I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 23. Although I researched this endocrine disorder to death, I struggled with weight loss for the next…

How My Life Changed After Baby

· Starting my journey as a mom two and a half years ago has totally changed my life! ·


  How Little I Sleep Yes, as a parent, you learn to function on only a few hours of precious shut-eye. Gone are the days when you can sleep in on weekends and then take a nap later the same day. Now, your sleep is ruled by a tiny dictator that can get you out…

5 Ways To Stay Motivated On A New Exercise Program

· Exercise can change your life, if you stick to it and do it safely. ·


Don’t Be Afraid, Just Try Your Best It’s easy to be intimidated by exercise, especially when you are watching super-ripped people performing moves that don’t seem humanly possible. Keep in mind, these people were not able to do what they’re doing or look like they do after only 1 workout, and neither will you. Just try your…

Do You Need a Fitness Tracker? My Fitbit Review

· Details on how I use my Fitbit tracker, as well as the features of the Fitbit Charge HR. ·


I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR ($200CDN) almost a year ago as part of my get in shape/lose the baby weight program. Lately, you don’t have to look too far before you find someone with a fitness tracker on their wrist; this fitness trend isn’t going anywhere soon, so I thought I’d share my thoughts as well as the…