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Love Online Shopping? You Need An Ebates Account

How Does It Work?
Ebates* is super simple:

1 – create an account through the website (it’s free) with your email and password

2 -…

5 Things You Don’t Want To Hear When You’re Pregnant

1. “You Look Tired”
I’m not sure when it’s ever acceptable to tell someone that they look tired; who the hell ever wants…

Binge-Worthy Shows On Netflix

Outlander (Romance/Drama)
My favourite from this list – I admit I am obsessed with this show. Based on a series of fantasy-romance novels… Affordable, Designer Prescription Eye Wear Online

For anyone who reads my blog, you’ll know that I love online shopping, especially when I can find what I need at…

9 Things No One Talks About After Having A Baby

A few informative (and possibly terrifying) things you should know about delivery and postnatal recovery that I wish I knew before I had my daughter.

For most first time mothers, only a few things are more terrifying than the unknown of giving birth to a baby. Everyone…

Shoes Too Tight? Put Them In The Freezer!

All you need for roomier shoes is a zip lock bag, some water and a freezer.

Unfortunately, these nude pumps were made super narrow in the front; so tight, that I couldn’t even get my foot into them when…

What I’d Like To Do Differently With Baby #2

Pregnancy tips for moms-to-be.


1. I’m Not Eating For Two
This age-old saying is how many pregnant mothers justify inhaling everything in sight (my husband also believes…

All Day Foot Comfort With Sole Patches

Keep your tootsies happy.

What Are Sole Patches?
Sole patches are thin, flower-shaped padded stickers that can be applied directly onto the heel and/or ball of your…

How My Life Changed After Baby

Starting my journey as a mom two and a half years ago has totally changed my life!

How Little I Sleep
Yes, as a parent, you learn to function on only a few hours of precious shut-eye. Gone are the…

My Fall Morning Routine

A few simple pleasures help me start the day off right!

During the work week, I’m up before the sun and have very little time to enjoy all the luxuries a beautiful fall…