My Fall Morning Routine

· A few simple pleasures help me start the day off right! ·

October 13, 2016 4 Comments

During the work week, I’m up before the sun and have very little time to enjoy all the luxuries a beautiful fall morning has to offer. However, I always take the time to enjoy a few simple morning pleasures.

Snuggling in Bed (it’s not what you think!)

I need to savour my last few moments of peace and comfort before rolling out of bed. I love to stretch out my limbs and pull the thick bedding up to my neck for a quick snuggle session. The cool fall weather means that my summer quilt has been packed to make way for a warm, plush comforter. The serenity is usually broken once my 2-year-old daughter wakes up. She loves to jump on the bed, hide under the covers and climb the “world’s biggest mountain” (which is me).


Morning Skin Care

Regardless of whether it’s a rushed morning or a leisurely day in, I always start the day with a pamper session for my skin. The drier fall weather means I’m spending a little more attention to keeping my skin soft and hydrated.morning-skincare-routine-affordable-cerave-thebodyshop-thayers

Freshly Brewed Coffee

I never skip my coffee in the morning. On the weekends, I anticipate the warm latte macchiato that my husband prepares for me (I’m spoiled, I know!). I’m a coffee lover at heart and the smell of a fresh brew is one of the few things that will entice me away from the warmth of my bed. There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a soft throw blanket with a cinnamon-dusted latte in your hands to take away the fall morning chill.


What’s your fall morning routine?



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