5 Ways To Avoid Post-Halloween Weight Gain + A Free Fitness Treat!

November 3, 2017 2 Comments

If you're like me, you're spending these last few days munching on Halloween candy. Those bite-sized chocolates and mini chip bags can make it easy to eat way more junk food than you normally would. And if you think those little packages aren't packing a punch to your calorie count, you're dead wrong!

Staying out of the candy bag can be challenging, but not impossible. Below are a 5 ways to keep post-Halloween weight gain and candy cravings at bay. And if you keep reading to the end, you just might get an unexpected Halloween treat!

1. Hide The Candy

Very simple, right? Having a bowl of candy lying around is not really the best way to keep yourself away from it. Keep the candy bag out of sight and preferably somewhere you won’t easily come across it in your daily activities (so places like the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom are definitely out). Yes, you’ll know where the bag is, but if you keep yourself busy enough you can quickly forget about it.


2. Beat The Craving

Once we get a craving into our minds, we can’t think about anything else and usually give into it. Try waiting 15 minutes next time you get a craving and it most likely will pass. What to do in the meantime? Go for a walk, read a couple articles on Blush & Pearls, do the laundry – anything to keep your mind off that craving until it’s gone.


3. Small Cheats Are OK

If you’re like me, you know you’re going to be eating some candy today. But instead of diving into the bag head first, portion out 1 or 2 small candies for the day to appease your cravings. It’s important to be realistic and have some cheats in your diet and 1 or 2 pieces of candy isn’t going to destroy your progress. Just make sure you stick to those 1 or 2 pieces. Remember, 1 or 2 candies is a treat – 3 is a crowd that could lead to a binge!

4. Keep Healthier Options Close By

Another way to beat those candy cravings is to grab a healthy snack to keep your mouth busy. Be sure to keep healthy snacks like yogurt, nuts, fruit or vegetables within reach whenever those pesky candy cravings start calling your name.


5. Candy = More Activity

Just chomped down 5 small Kit Kats? I know I just did. While you’re probably kicking yourself right about now, don’t get negative, get active! Do some extra activity to compensate for those guilt-inducing treats you just downed. Not sure how much activity you need to do to burn off those extra calories? The graphic below from Aaptiv can help you with that. Their staff of professional trainers came up with this nifty chart that pairs up what you’ve eaten to one of their motivational audio workouts to burn off those extra calories.

If you look very closely at the bottom of the graphic, there is a special code you can use to try out the Aaptiv audio fitness app free for 30 days! Remember to thank me and Aaptiv when you become a famous fitness model!


How do you keep the Halloween cravings at bay?