Shoes Too Tight? Put Them In The Freezer!

· All you need for roomier shoes is a zip lock bag, some water and a freezer. ·

April 7, 2017 4 Comments

I can't be the only person whose bought a beautiful pair of shoes that hurt like the devil, can I? Case in point: I bought a pair of super high nude heels from Aldo online. I don't have a crazy wide foot or any funky foot issues that would affect the fit, so purchasing a 6.5 shoe online has never been an issue for me.

Unfortunately, these nude pumps were made super narrow in the front; so tight, that I couldn’t even get my foot into them when they arrived. WTF? The saleswoman that I spoke to when I went to return them said that this style was made very narrow and a larger size probably wouldn’t help.

I had to decide whether to return or keep them. I really loved the look, but they were impossible to get into without cutting off one of my toes. Coincidentally, I happened across a helpful article that discussed how to make tight shoes stretch, which is done as follows (pics below as well):

*Add a cup of water to a leak-proof zip lock bag. You may have to add or remove water based on the size of the shoe.

*Tip the zip lock bag onto its side to pool all the water into one corner of the bag.

*Push the corner of the bag with all the water into the front end of the shoe that is pissing you off is too tight and needs stretching. Keep the zip lock bag slightly open to let air out as you push it into the shoe. If the very front of the shoe is tight, you will need to push the bag in deeper.

*Place the shoe(s) with zip lock bags inserted into the freezer overnight.

As the water in the bag freezes, it will expand. By morning – instantly stretched shoes! The nude pumps were so tight in the front that I had to do this stretching exercise twice, but now I can actually get my foot into them without having to cut off my pinky toe.


Try it, it works!

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  • This is such a cool tip! I struggle with shoes being too tight sometimes, so if there is ever room in my mom’s freezer I might actually try this!

    • Just let your mom know before she finds them in there!

  • This is absolutely brilliant! I will try this, thank you! My feet are wider in the front too so struggle with pointed heels like this pair all the time, will give this a go!