My First Post – Welcome to Blush & Pearls!

July 12, 2016 5 Comments

Ok, so I decided to start a blog. I was spontaneous for once in my life and took the plunge. It started out as a fun idea, and within a couple days I had purchased a website hosting plan and selected a domain name. Then the fear set it. When am I going to have time to do this? I don’t even have a Facebook account, am I really ready for such a leap? What if I fail? Where could this take me? Ok, let’s do it!

But let’s backtrack a bit…The idea to start my blog came to me while watching a makeup review on YouTube. I love YouTube – the amount of information you can find on that site on anything just amazes me. I decided that all the time I put into watching makeup tutorials, reading up on the latest skin care ingredients and spending a small fortune on new beauty products had led me to gain a bit of knowledge and experience in these areas that I could share with other women.

As women, we are always pushing ourselves to the max on a daily basis. I find that no matter what age, weight, race or colour, us women want to do it all: have a successful career, be a good wife and mother, bake a mean banana bread, attend every soccer game, lose weight, never age and always look great, even during a hail storm. As unrealistic as these goals sound, they are the ideals that we push ourselves to achieve on a daily basis.

I decided that if sharing my own experiences or insights could help another woman struggling with similar issues, then I would have achieved something. I would have helped someone. I owe many bloggers and YouTubers much gratitude for helping me deal with some of the issues I plan to discuss on my blog. This blog is my way of sharing my experiences, good and bad, in the hopes that readers will learn something new about me and maybe themselves in the process.

So, bear with me. I’m a rookie in the realm of blogging, but I hope to find my way, as I always have, by trying, failing and then trying again. I’ll be patient if you are.