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January 6, 2017 0 Comments

I recently received a sample pack of 6 *Sole Patches to try out and review for my blog readers. I was super excited, because I already had a few pairs of shoes in mind that have caused me discomfort in the past that were perfect trial candidates for this review.




What Are Sole Patches?

Sole patches are thin, flower-shaped padded stickers that can be applied directly onto the heel and/or ball of your foot, or adhered to the inside of your shoe for a more permanent fix. They adhere using a medical-grade adhesive that allows them to stick directly to your foot and the padding is made of a special material that has shock-absorbing, antimicrobial, anti-odour and anti-moisture properties. Sole patches claim to keep your feet comfortable all day long.



Sole patches are great for:

  • cushioning the balls of your feet when wearing high heels
  • heel grips (when cut in half) for shoes that are a bit loose at the back or rub your heels
  • keeping feet from slipping inside your shoes due to excess sweating
  • changing quickly from one uncomfy pair of shoes to another, when the patches are applied directly to your feet
  • flat shoes that have zero padding on the inside.

For more details on the design and application of sole patches, check out the video below:

Patch Testing

Trial 1

One of the biggest discomforts for me when wearing shoes comes from my super high heels (5″+). Being super stumpy at only 5’2″, when I wear heels on special occasions, I like to go BIG. Unfortunately, this means that I get a lot of pain in the balls of my feet and I usually want to cut my feet off and burn my pumps by the end of the night.

Unfortunately, due to the height of these heels, there was little to no room in the front to add the sole patch and still have room for my foot (although they were tight in the front to begin with). It was a bummer, but my 5″ heels were not an option for the sole patch. The sole patches did, however, fit into my lower heels, which are normally roomier in the front.

Trial 2

My next attempt to try the sole patch was in my ballet flats that I wear daily in the office. As most of us flat-lovers know,  flats are super cute but often have little to no padding on the sole to absorb the impact of walking. I often have to change out of my flats to my ugly walking shoes if I decide to go on a long walk (think lunch time shopping break) because my unsupported office flats will just be too painful to walk long distances in.

Before permanently applying the sole patch to the inside of my shoe, I first tried the shoe on with the loose sole patch inside to determine the best position for the patch and also to make sure that the shoe would still fit properly and not be too tight. Finding the right position for the patch before adhering them is an important step – don’t skip it!

After finding the perfect spot, I peeled back the sticker and applied the patch to the inside of only one of my shoes where the balls of my feet landed. Again, your shoes may be a bit tighter after applying the sole patch until you break them in a bit. I wore my other flat shoe without a patch in it for comparison purposes.

So…..Did They Work?

Well, the shoe that I wore with the sole patch in the front definitely provided more cushion for my foot. It even made walking longer distances possible, since the added cushion gave my foot the support it was missing. This observation was pretty easy to make, since my left shoe (which didn’t have a sole patch in it) didn’t feel as comfortable or cushioned as my right foot did by the day’s end.

My foot didn’t slip or slide on the sole patch and I like that the patch can be easily wiped down if my foot got too sweaty.

Although I wish I was able to use my sole patches in my super high heels, I definitely loved the added support they gave me in my everyday flat shoes. I have a couple other flats that I will be adhering my remaining 4 sole patches to very soon.

If you’re looking for a bit of comfort for your tired tootsies, Sole Patches can be purchased here.


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