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August 27, 2016 3 Comments

I always get asked where I get my jewellery from and people are always surprised when I tell them I shop on eBay.

I have an extensive fashion jewelry collection that I love to put to good use. Statement necklaces are by far my favourite pieces, because they can take an outfit from simple to fab in a flash.

I always get asked where I get my jewelry from and people are always surprised when I tell them I shop on eBay. eBay is my first stop when I need a new necklace for an upcoming occasion or simply want to update my jewelry collection. You can also find a lot of necklaces that are knock-offs of celebrity-worn necklaces, on the cheap.

Below are a few of my purchases from eBay that are super fabulous and affordable! I’ve also included a few purchasing tips at the end, so keep scrolling to get all the details!

eBay Finds


This black and green crystal-studded number retails for $1.65USD + free shipping and looks great under a blazer or with a simple jumpsuit. You can find it here.



This pearl-clustered bib necklace is one of my favourites. I bought it for my daughter’s baptism and I love it for work or for a (rare) night out. It currently retails for $6.32USD + $4 shipping and is definitely a steal. You can find it here.



This black and gold chunky collar necklace goes great with a cute peplum top or off-the-shoulder blouse. It retails on eBay for $6.29USD + free shipping and you can find it here.



This crystal bib necklace was a little pricier at $26.98USD + free shipping, but sometimes I let myself splurge. I haven’t worn this piece yet, but I have a baby shower coming up soon and it’s got both blue and pink in the colours! You can find this necklace here.



This gold collar is great for a more casual look and it’s a regular in my weekly rotation. You can find it on eBay here for $2.81USD + free shipping.

eBay Buying Tips and FYI

  • I usually use search terms like “statement necklace”, “bib necklace”, “cluster necklace” or “chunky necklace” in the search field when shopping for necklaces on eBay. Select the Fashion Jewellery category on the left-hand side of the screen to remove fine jewellery from your search results.
  • Buy from a seller with a feedback rating of 98% or higher. You can view the seller’s rating in the upper-right hand corner when you click on the item.
  • If you are buying a necklace for an event, purchase it at least a month in advance. Shipping from China takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Shop around – many sellers on eBay sell the same items. Look around to make sure you get the best price or find the seller with the highest feedback rating.
  • Items that do not arrive or arrive broken can be reported to the seller for a refund or new item – if the seller does not respond (which has never happened to me) you can file a report and eBay will step in.
  • To buy on eBay, you will need to sign up with a PayPal account. This requires you to enter your credit card number and personal information. PayPal is a reputable online purchasing service and I have used them for many years with no issue. There is no registration, service charges or annual fee to use PayPal.


What do you like to buy on eBay?


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