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How To Burn More Calories In Less Time


  How To Burn More Calories In Less Time As much as I love taking my brisk, steady, uphill strolls on the treadmill, having two young kids means I have less time to do everything I want to. How can I burn more calories in the same amount of time? By incorporating high intensity interval…

5 Ways To Stay Motivated On A New Exercise Program

· Exercise can change your life, if you stick to it and do it safely. ·


Don’t Be Afraid, Just Try Your Best It’s easy to be intimidated by exercise, especially when you are watching super-ripped people performing moves that don’t seem humanly possible. Keep in mind, these people were not able to do what they’re doing or look like they do after only 1 workout, and neither will you. Just try your…

Do You Need a Fitness Tracker? My Fitbit Review

· Details on how I use my Fitbit tracker, as well as the features of the Fitbit Charge HR. ·


I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR ($200CDN) almost a year ago as part of my get in shape/lose the baby weight program. Lately, you don’t have to look too far before you find someone with a fitness tracker on their wrist; this fitness trend isn’t going anywhere soon, so I thought I’d share my thoughts as well as the…

Strength Training: How To Pick The Right Weight

· An important part of an optimal resistance training program is choosing the right weight. Not too heavy, but not too light either. ·


     1. Ensure You Have a Variety of Weights Available Different muscle groups require different amounts of weight. For example, you can probably lift a heavier weight when performing a bicep curl then you can when you perform a tricep kick-back. If you are using a public gym, a variety of weights should be available. However,…

Lift Heavy to Lose Weight


Why I Lift  Resistance training on a regular basis will increase your lean muscle mass and help you burn more calories. It increases your body’s ability to burn fat during and even hours after exercise due to the body’s increased need for oxygen. More oxygen = more calorie burn = increased metabolic rate (yes please!). Your body…

High Intensity Interval Training: Why I Love It

· Find out why the latest exercise trend is worth the hype. ·


After having my daughter in 2014, I was faced with losing 25 pounds of baby weight. While I revamped my eating habits (which I discuss here) I also decided it was time to get back into shape. At 35 years old, I decided I wanted to get a six pack (or as close as possible…